Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wolfpack Unleashed

Anthems Of Resistance
Napalm Records

Thrash metal from the Fatherland!! Wolfpack Unleashed lay down some of the tastiest thrash metal riffs that brings me back to the days of Megadeth, Metallica, Testament, Exodus etc.... when Thrash was king!!! The vocals even have a nice James Hetfield vibe to them, but still has the tinge of that German accent that rolls across the tongue of lead singer/bassist Gunther Wirth. He's got a gruff edge, and does the occasional growl now and then, but he's no screamer. It's even got a great twin guitar team consisting of band founder Wops Koch and Karl Preininger and these guys mean buisness. Galloping riffs and smoldering lead work simply set the songs on fire!! Oh and lets not forget about the drum and bass. Man what a massive bottom end! The double bass drums simply destroy! As I mentioned before, vocalist Gunther Wirth handles the bass duties as well and he is fine form keeping up with both guitarists with some nimble 4 string fretwork. He can really play the bass, not simply do the bare minimum. That said, this is an album for metal fans of all areas. It's got enough kick ass musicianship and great songs that should put it right up there along side the metal giants that these guys so revere.

- Craig Harvey

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seww said...

Agree with every word! I can not stop listening to this album for two weeks now!