Monday, December 10, 2007


Show Me The Way
Napalm Records

This five song Ep showcases yet another beautiful female singer Sandra Schleret. She replaced former vocalist Sabine Dunser after her sad passing in 2006 from a cerebral hemorrhage. However, three of these songs had already been completed prior to Sabine's death. So you are treated to her last set of recordings, while also hearing the new single "Show Me The Way" featuring Sandra. Tragedy aside, Sandra fits right into the band's heavy gothic/metal sound with her angelic voice soaring across the twin guitar barrage of Pete Streit and Chris Gruber. Bassist Tom Saxer also provides the occasional grunting backing vocals and helps hold the bottom end down along drummer with Max Naescher. Their sound is similar to labelmates "Leaves Eyes" but I still enjoyed this and look forward to their next full length album.

- Craig Harvey

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