Thursday, May 15, 2008


Napalm Records

"Nordlys" means "Northern Lights" in Norwegian (Say that 3 times fast!) and apparently they have a long and rich history of legend and folklore surrounding them. So yes, this another folk metal release, but not as traditional. It's not the burly, up-tempo, testosterone-laden songs about drinking, wenches and other manly boastings. For one, the vocals are most definitely female (courtesy of Carmen Elise Espanases) whose voice is rich and deep while still having a wonderful range. The music has more of a power/symphonic metal sound while leaning towards a gothic darker style. The lyrics are mostly in English so your not left scratching your head wondering what the heck they are talking about, while the songs move from furious, fast paced numbers to slower melodic pieces with ease. This is a great release from a band I will be anxiously awaiting to hear more from in the future.

- Craig Harvey

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