Friday, August 8, 2008


Self Released

THE FAINT, departed from their label Saddle Creek, return (finally) with Fasciinatiion another chapter in their meticulously planned catalog of music. Why does it take so many years for them to release 10 songs when other bands seem to release a new CD every other week? Because THE FAINT seem to really care about making good music and they take their time at doing it. And as always, its is well worth the wait. MOVEMENT called THE FAINT "the first must-hear band of the 21st Century" back in 2000 and we feel no differently with each consecutive release they have offered. THE FAINT are one of the smartest and creative bands I have heard in many years. Their tracks defy genres while simultaneously complimenting them all. They are lyrically clever and at times surreal over bass strums that would have Peter Hook asking for royalties and keyboard diddling that would make Mr. Moog proud. THE FAINT have made another solid album of music that will keep you feeling Fasciinaciion over and over again. Catch them on tour this summer.

- Max Michaels

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