Monday, November 9, 2009


Ocean Eyes

By now you can barely turn on MTV or VH1 without catching OWL CITY's "Fireflies" video or hearing clips of it in a TV show segue. And no, it's not 'that guy from Death Cab For Cutie,' though the similarities are eerie on that first single. So indeed, this kid is just EVERYWHERE, and frankly I'm not complaining. "Fireflies" however, is just one gem in a mixed goodie bag of indie-dance-electro tracks that are damn near infectious. I've been catching myself humming them often. There are a couple of sickly poppy tracks that I could forgo (see the singsongy "The Bird and The Worm" or very odd "Dental Care"), but standout favorites like the booming opening track "On The Wing," "Vanilla Twilight," "Meteor Shower," and most of the 12 tracks are consistently sonic with deep waves of bass carrying cascading synths, epic breaks and soaring vocals. His third release and major-label debut album Ocean Eyes is an exceptional bold mix of styles and flawlessly executed.

"Hoot! Hoot!" for OWL CITY!

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