Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Metropolis Records

Any long time MOVEMENT readers will know I am a total geek for all things Skinny Puppy and any related releases from the two twisted minds that lurk behind it. Today we all can celebrate a new addition to that ever expanding catalog of groundbreaking music with the release of OhGr's unDeveloped. Despite its title, this release is substantially more developed that the last and on par with the brash quality and driving power of this projects earliest works, such as WELT. Mark Walk and Nivek Ogre are an undeniable match forged in hell and unapologetically unleash an epic onslaught of war-drum beats sounding the call for generations of fans and newcomers alike to take notice. Wicked sequences plunder through haunting and surreal dreamscapes of sound sewn up tight by Ogre's unique and ever evolving vocal styling. This is music at its finest, brash, brutal, and honest.

unDeveloped is available today everywhere. Evolve or perish.

- Max Michaels

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