Tuesday, April 13, 2010



A Soundtrack to Slit Your Wrists To….

I fucking hate her. I fucking hate hate HATE her!!! Not because she is a bad musician, singer, lyricist – oh no – she’s incredible… however, I hate her because every time I listen to her I fall in this deep black pit. The most darkest, saddest abyss that I could ever possibly imagine. How is it that this woman hasn’t lynched herself yet? Seriously??! I am a big fan of Sarah Brightman – I am a masochist – because I chose HER CD to review. Shame on me!!! (slapping my own hand). In all honesty though I have to come back to my original question… how is Sarah Brightman still living in all that suppressed sadness?? Really guys. We all have our dark side but this bitch LIVES in agony! I don’t believe in Vampires, or real life Devils or any of that Renaissance crap but I do think that Sarah Brightman is truly the worlds biggest Goth. No she is not Elvira. No she doesn’t bite off the heads of bats… but she sure as fuck lives in a world of such dark & debilitating sorrow that she manipulates you to a point that depression, sadness & angst makes suicide sound like the new Garden of Euphoria. No wonder our world is coming to an end. The only song on the entire CD that wakes you out of your own nihilistic coma is lucky track # 13 (of course) – very sexy – however it’s followed by “Ava Maria” (which is what was played at my Fathers funeral last year)… So again, I digress…

I am fully convinced that Sarah Brightman is the AntiChrist. Of course it’s a woman. I always knew it would be….

Please don’t buy this CD unless you are really serious about putting an end to it all…. No fake ass cries for help please – this shit is serious business.

by Mia Carlin