Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Atom (bang)

The Big Bang
Sound Emitter

Atom (bang) comes from our very own neighborhood. Well, by neighborhood I mean here in Florida. This Orlando musician by the name of Atom has truly outdone himself with a mind blowing ride of electronic music that crosses genres and invents new ones. First off, let me say that the cd packaging was simply beautiful and extremely professional. It caught my eye right off and I was hoping that the music was as equally impressive. My fears were put to rest on the very first track "Running Out Of Time". A powerful catchy groove hit me full force with dark menacing synths prowling on top of it all. This was going to be good. The second track "Poseur" continued with a similar vibe adding repeated sampled vocals as well. However, Atom moves all over the board incorporating industrial, ambient, and dark atmospheres to take you on an amazing sonic experience. The beautiful melodic "Alone" really does reflect the title of the song perfectly, while "Intermezzo" sounds like something taken from a sci-fi soundtrack. The end track "Drama Trauma" turns the tide again with sexy female groans and voices over a sinister, erotic club anthem. Atom (bang) is a true masterpiece of electronic music that shows the talent of a very gifted composer who is sure to turn heads with this release.

- Craig Harvey

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