Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Science For Girls / Eccotronic

Science For Girls
Self Titled
BMI Music

Flow Motion
Kiite Records

After listening to each of these two releases, I decided it fitting to review them together even though they are on different labels. They both have quite a bit in common. Each one is packaged in beautiful tri-fold digipacks and are brimming with lush electronic grooves that bring together ambient, jazz, pop and world elements. And finally both are the brainchild of two excellent musician/composers (Cato - Eccotronic and Darren Solomon - Science for Girls). However, while the two share so many similar styles they still travel their own individual paths in many respects.

Science For Girls has a differen't vocalist for each and every track (with the exception of the instrumental "You'll Never Know" which has a cool minimal breakbeat cruising under the waves of dreamy synths. Another great track was "Northern Lights" with a crunchy/static beat that carried a truly catchy tune. "Australia" was my least favorite song as I found the lyrics cheesy and the vocals annoying. However the rest of this album is wonderful with a relaxing vibe and soothing vocals.

Eccotronic on the other hand focuses mainly on the vocals of Jenny Campmany, who does a majority of the singing on this album. Her voice has a sleepy, yet sexy feel to it and is a perfect companion to these downtempo tracks. There are more instrumentals numbers as well. Also, the song structures and beats feel like something Boards Of Canada would put out vs. the more jazzy element found on S.F.G. I really loved "Drift", "Caesar Redux" and the spoken word on "Post Scriptum". Just like S.F.G., the entire album is very well crafted and equally enjoyable. Both of these releases I would highly recommend for fans of chill out and downtempo music.

- Craig Harvey

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