Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chemical Brothers


While it may be true, that the electronic dance phenomenon that swept through the nineties has gone underground and out of the limelight, the artists that help spawn those magnificent days gone by are still around and still very valid. One such artist is The Chemical Brothers. Their contributions to the particular music scene could easily be described as nothing short of brilliant, rivaled by only a handful of their respected peers. So, in honor of the historic musical achievement that these lads have graced our ears with, Astralwerks has put out a beautiful 2 disc box set of their greatest singles and a limited disc of re-mixes that are quite rare, entitled "Electronic Battle Weapons 1-10".
There are fifteen wonderful tracks that will surely bring back memories for those who have followed this duo from the beginning. Even if you were not all that familiar with them, you surely heard a few of these songs somewhere in your travels. Not all of the songs are from older works however, as this set chronicles all the way to some of the most recent singles as well. The Chemical Brother's defy categorization as they seamlessly blend house, techno, psychedelia, and every other aspect of electronica you can imagine into their own wicked brew that has (and continues to rock clubs today). I can't recommend this enough for fans of great dance music.

- Craig Harvey

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