Saturday, November 15, 2008


Devils In My Details

Nivek Ogre reunites with long time partner Mark Walk to bring us Devils In My Details. Ripe with gripping orchestral moments, sharp samples and a darkness as creeping and menacing as classic Skinny Puppy albums Too Dark Park or Last Rights but all the while these many devils remain signature OhGr tracks. Originally conceived as one massive musical piece then dissected into the individual details, Devils departs from the previous two offerings from the demonic duo leaving the more expected dance tracks to the wayside for more surprising esoteric device. Stepping into unlikely territory on offerings like "Feeling Chicken" which lends whimsy but remains no less sinister then the rest of the album which starts off running and continues to build track after track to a brooding triple climax with the first single "Timebomb," followed by "Smogharp" and finally the soaring "Witness." Devils is another stunning opus in the ever expending history of one of music's most prolific performers.

RELEASE DATE: 11/18/08

- Max Michaels

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