Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Tossers

One Fine Spring Evening
Victory Records

I have never been a big punk fan, but I sort of fell in love with this Irish group not that long ago after hearing their live album "Gloatin' and Showboatin'. The Tossers are not your average punk outfit mind you, it's all acoustic instruments for one, and to be honest it's not all punk either. That's just part of their charm. However, because they have played with a lot of punk groups they get lumped into that category I suppose. Regardless, what I truly enjoy about The Tossers is their witty blend of traditional Irish/Celtic melodies, combined with heartfelt lyrics and the energy of punk to give it all a unique spin. Oh, and there's lot's of songs about drinking, drinking and did I say drinking? Well, not all of it anyway. You have many stories of love, heartache, Irish pride and family drama. Vocalist Tony sounds like he's had a few pints as his warbly, but honest and passionate vocals charm you from the moment he starts to sing. The rest of the band are a credit to Irish folk music, as they weave wonderful tunes that go from emotional, soft ballads to furious, fast paced party songs. "One Fine Spring Evening" is the first album other than the aforementioned live disc I have heard, but it reaffirmed that my interest in these guys was not a fluke. I say green is the color of the day and a fine one it is!

- Craig Harvey

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