Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lamb Of God


Damn if these guys don't get better with every album! If you thought that their last release "Sacrament" was brutal, you better hang on to your seat with this one. "Wrath" starts off with a slow instrumental before kicking into songs so monstrous they could bring buildings crashing down. Guitarist's Mark Morton and Willie Adler are one of metal's finest duo's and they write some of the most bad-ass guitar riffs that will ever decimate your eardrums. Mark's style is more straight forward and his lead work ventures from bluesy swagger to full-on shred-your-face off, while Willie's riffs tend to be more abstract, with obscure note placements and odd time signatures. Together they blend seamlessly to form a massive wall of sound that swings, grooves, and wrecks anything in it's path. Vocalist Randy Blythe has got to be the most angry, pissed off singer I have ever heard. There are a million singers out there who "sound" evil and mean, but Randy…. fuck, he makes you a believer. Chris Adler (Willie's brother) and bassist John Campbell lay down a wicked bottom end. The bass is very fat and meaty this time around, and the drum work is nothing short of phenomenal. "Wrath" has a more organic and less polished sound than "Sacrament" but the production is still top notch. I can't really give you a favorite track at the moment, as I am still trying to absorb it all, but "In Your Words", "Fake Messiah" "Choke Sermon" and "Reclamation" stand out so far. This is a hell of a great start for 2009 with regards to metal releases. It's gonna be hard one to top that's for sure. Highly fucking recommended!

- Craig Harvey

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