Monday, January 16, 2012

The Mirgrant

Travels in Lowland
Divine Records
Drawing from the well that Beirut, Beck (early years), Tim Buckley, and Jens Lekman have, The Migrant captures the transient vibes of perpetual movement. Travels in Lowland is a compilation of material gathered from his meandering voyage traversing North America with companions consuming two years (2008-10). Their ambiance they carried around like suitcases, exuding talent, and crashing on friends couches; a rag-tag gang preforming at venues big and small, crowded or bare, zestful or board.
Bjarke Bendtsen is The Migrant a Dane who vocalizes English distinctly well. Most of The Travels in Lowland is acoustic guitar harmonized with various folk paraphernalia i.e.ukulele, accordion, fiddle, hand drums. While chords follow the rhythm line, interesting arrangements preserve the melody in the mind. Psychedelic folk rock rolls undulated over this itinerant artist.
Stand out tracks form Travels in Lowland include: “The Organ Grinder”, the album opener enveloping the listener directly into the psyche of The Migrant, focused and forthright. “Beans,” reminiscent of Beck’s early recordings by being raw, feral, and carrying a repetitive sing-along to the coda. “Don’t Turn Tidal Wave,” the unbridled spirit relentlessly charging at the unknown in hopes of something new, something affectionate, something real...
The Migrant has returned to Copenhagen but plans on touring North America again, soon.

Thomas Bellflower

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