Monday, January 16, 2012

Screamin' Eagle


As the noise fades away from the forefront a distant echo is heard... that’s the Screamin Eagle. A message, a voice, a guitar, and a purpose.
“The creator created everything, which means, there is nothing the creator did not create.”
Shaggy, unkempt, self proclaimed rebel armed for revolution with a six-string in hand is here, Florida born and Florida raised. Christopher Alan Nanney is the Screamin Eagle, a singer-songwriter from St. Augustine. In the intrepid voyage of life few tenants stand out as a promontory in  the void like the Screamin Eagle who shrikes across the recesses. It is difficult for one to know when a voice like his begin to develop because, it’s motive is universal, eclectic, and semi-spiritually enveloping.
At the age of 22 he was taken to county jail for breaking and entering the largest, most influential, church (institution) in Jacksonville, FL. Found wearing a garment and flailing a scepter, allegedly taken from the establishment, police encouraged Screamin Eagle to relinquish his post from atop a decorative fountain, where he was then apprehended. (source)
The debut album Hurricane is filled to the brim with creative song writing inspired by Screamin Eagle’s own meandering experiences. The opening track sapidly invites the listener to a simpler place, one where the weeds grow high and time moves slowly with a deliberate pace; nowhere in particular but lasting, intransient, and ever-so-delightful. “Step, step, step right in, the water is fine...” From the opening howl to the final vibration this album has a familiar, yet, imaginative grasp on the listener.
        Stand-out tracks on this album include: “Obama,” harmoniously repeating the chorus with a dark introspective tone, “County Jail,” the confession of faith in a duality of consciences, “Brand New Dawn,” a playful and elated melody, and “the Jesus Song,” a duet featuring Katie Grace Herlow.
        Screamin Eagle is an intransigent paradigm of folk. other than a simple one-two-and-three drum track on the “Obama” song; the album has no accompaniment. Brilliantly acoustic and unperturbed Screamin Eagle is on “...a whole’nother level.” Although the format is unformitable the beauty of it resonates in the heart, strumming the strings of exquisiteness.
        Screamin Eagle’s stage presence is rivaled by few but, hailed by all. Often performing solely illuminated by lamp light he captures attention immediately, then leads the audience into a self assured resolve. It is as if the listener has carnal knowledge of a music dormant in the soul and Screaming Eagle brings it melodically into prominence.  
Superbly drafted, masterfully executed, and performed dutifully commanding attention the debut album by the Screaming Eagle, Hurricane, is the first installment in what is to be a fruitful and prosperous career.  

Thomas Bellflower

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