Thursday, July 5, 2012

Batsauce "Starcrossed"

Being in the hip hop scene, I first heard of Batsauce from the group, "The Smile Rays" when they were doing a set in Jacksonville, Florida at the annual "Summertime in the City" event and immediately took a liking to it, after tracking down his work with Jedi Mind Tricks, Mr Lif, and Paten Locke, I knew this dude was going places and far places at that. Most recently though I was completely blown out of my chair by Batsauce when I heard the "Bat meets Blaine" album in 2011 with Qwazaar. I've been nerding out as well and following his 365 beats a day project he was doing on soundcloud and knew that this new album would be great, but im pretty blown away by it. Batsauce's new instrumental album, STARCROSSED, is super dope and takes the cake, I mean, dope enough for me to sit at work in the back room and listen to the whole thing when im suppose to be working, nodding my head with a big ass grin on my face hoping my boss doesnt walk back here and catch me. Batsauce is a genius when it comes to producing, the beats are so perfect and the sound bites he uses are just enough to balance it, there's nothing worst then hearing a hip hop/beat album and every other track have it be some bite from a karate flick or italian movie. The lovenote songs are my favorite (there's three of them) and they are sly and sexy. Batsauce once again has produced beats that are super spacey jazz, funk, and soul. It's all a beautiful blend of new and old sounds alike. Batsauce has given us yet another album that is not to be slept on.

Jessica Whittington

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