Wednesday, July 25, 2007


As Our Army Grows
Napalm Records

Intense brings back the classic power metal sound from the eighties with a fury I have not heard in some time. The vocals really remind of the singer from Iced Earth (another great power metal band) but this UK outfit are no copycat rip-off band. They have their own sound that pays tribute to the influences from which their music stems. The guitar riffs are thrashy, with a great groove and the twin harmony lead work is technical but fits the songs perfectly. The drumming and basswork on this album is equally superb. Powerful and tight, it provides a rock solid anchor for the rest of the band to move over. Frontman, Sean Hetherington has the perfect range for this style of music and his vocals simply soar. Intense is a band who definitely hold their own in the power metal genre and "As Our Army Grows" proves this hands down.

- Craig Harvey

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