Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Deliberately Fragile
Alfa Matrix

Hot on the heels of their "Manifesto Ep" Technoir returns with the full length follow-up album "Deliberately Fragile." This is their second full length CD which took a little over 5 years to be released, but the wait was definitely worth it. So much of the synth-pop community has become re-hashed and generic, but Technoir find a great balance between beautiful melodies and a harder edge that will also give listeners their dance-floor fix as well. Julia Beyer's vocals are simply gorgeous and they compliment Steffen's music very nicely. You can also hear some guitar work on a few songs as well. Overall, this is a prime example of how a good synth-pop album should sound and Technoir rise high above the rest of their peers on each and every song.

- Craig Harvey

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