Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Visions Of Atlantis

Napalm Records

The story of Atlantis has been shrouded in mystery and legend for much of pre-recorded history. Was it real or just a myth? We may never know the true answer but that does not stop us being inspired by it's enigma. Austria's very own Visions Of Atlantis are one of the many who have taken their own fascination with this great tale and turned it into a symphonic metal powerhouse like no other. The dual vocals of Melissa Ferlaak and Mario Plank move together in a seamless flow over the downtuned guitar riffs and grandiose keyboards. I am not sure if Melissa has any formal opera training but if not, you could have fooled me. Her voice is simply amazing. One of the brightest and best female singers in metal today. You can really hear her shine on "Wing Shaped Heart" where for the first part, it's only her accompanied by piano and keys. Mario's voice has got an edge, but he cleans up nicely and stands alone as well for much of track four "The Poem." This album simply has it all; great production, well penned lyrics, excellent musicianship and great vocals. Not to mention the stunning cover art by Anthony Clarksson. The band has toured with some of their peers such as Nightwish, Edenbridge and Katatonia which surely has helped elevate their fanbase to even greater proportions. "Trinity" is set to dominate the metal world as it debuts this month in Europe and the US in June and with talent like this I have no doubt it will succeed.

- Craig Harvey

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