Monday, June 9, 2008

Colony 5

Buried Again
Artoffact Records

Colony 5 started out as a lighter synth pop band a few years back and I wasn't overly excited about their sound. However, they have been getting darker and harder on the last few albums which I most definitely like. Now, I was just stating in an earlier review by a similar band, how the ebm scene had not really moved forward in terms of style and sound. So does this apply to Colony 5? Yes and No. Yes, they still adhere to much of the standard ebm formula, for the most part because it works when playing in clubs. But they have changed, as I stated earlier. Their songs each has something that sets them apart so they don't sound like repeats over and over. There is a lot of emotion pouring out in the lyrics and overall the music is very infectious. So yeah, I might be a tad bit of a hypocrite by ragging on other new bands dong this type of music, but it could be that they don't do it as well as Colony 5!

- Craig Harvey

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