Monday, June 9, 2008

Stars of Track and Field

"Centuries before Love and War"
wind-up records

While comparisons to The Postal Service seem obvious, I think it's important to realize how far music has come and integrated into so many diverse sub sectors
As well as 'grey area genre'. It can be difficult to really get involved with a recording on multiple layers. Stars of Track and Field touch all the bases and are almost apologetically honest in 'Jason Bell and Kevin Calaba's lyrics РJason swoons easily over every emotional landscape. "Centuries before Love and War" is undoubtedly human, however the arrangements compare to an almost electronic expos̩. Complete with the promise of symphonic offerings. Daniel Baker Orvik's programming and drums are astounding. As if being led down an unexpected hallway, full of anticipation. Kevin Calaba plays the keyboards in a manner bringing into mind Chuck Wild of 80's new wave band Missing Person's.

Jason takes some pretty powerful moments with his guitar on tracks like "Say Hello" and "Movies of Antarctica" – The total package is a sort of Slowdive meets Coldplay. In mentioning 'Movies of Antarctica' There is a distinct similarity between Duran Duran's 'Khanada' from their very early years - while I am certain unintentional – it is amazing to have these brilliant songs from another time make a sort of galactic re-episode into an uncanny and unique reemergence that is both haunting and provoking while being honest from A-Z. There are even moments when I am reminded of The Fixx's 'Standing on the Beach' album. Also worth noting is Stars of T&F easily translate into alternative stadium rock I can see many, many people enjoying their music and would not be surprised if Stars of T&F are around for a very long time. I get the sense they are just getting started and are ready to tackle the world. "Centuries before Love and War" promises and delivers right down to the packaging which feels like you are opening a box full of lost and found things. 'Familiar and Abstract' my eyes and ears are on Stars of T&F for a long time to come. A definitive must have for any record collection.

-Marc Sound

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