Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Orb

The Dream
Traffic Inc.

Anyone even remotely interested in electronic music should be familiar with The Orb. They helped shape and mold much of the ambient/chill-out music scene with their unique sound. Fusing samples from news clips, prank phone calls, sci-fi films and anything imaginable then blending it with dub beats, smooth ambient synth waves, and sweet chill atmospheres the Orb personify originality and superb creativity in their field. Their live shows are amazing showcases of strange and colorful imagery projected on screens behind them while they manipulate sound and samples. While the band has been through a few line-up changes, founder Alex Patterson has remained a constant throughout.

Their latest effort "The Dream" is, again another masterpiece that defies genre and continues to evolve their unique vision. The album is filled with samples galore and beautiful electronic tapestries all in synch with dub/hip-hop and reggae grooves. The band also enlisted the help of jazz/house singer Juliet Roberts and guitarist Steve Hillage to further round things out. This album has so much going on that it will require numerous listen's to digest it all. (Even then you will probably discover new things later on). I highly recommend using headphones, as it will help capture the true essence of all the beautiful sonic complexity as it unfolds layer by layer.

To describe this release track by track would be a staggering endeavor, as it truly must be experienced through our aural senses. This small description in no way does this album justice, but hopefully it will encourage electronic devotees, fans and non-fans alike to make "The Dream" a must have in their musical collection.

- Craig Harvey

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