Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brother Von Doom

Deathcote Records

Right from the start we have some of the most inhuman drumming I have heard in a while. The (typical) down-tuned guitars and bass are just as tight, but then come the vocals (heavy sigh). What could have been a really great album, turned mediocre as soon as their frontman started singing (well yelling/screaming) would be a more accurate description. It sounds like the tired metalcore style of vocals that every other band has these days (picture the guy screaming his lungs out, his eyes about to burst from the sockets, veins popping out of his neck etc...) you get the picture. There are absolutely no dynamics at all, just full on all the time. I like death vocals, screaming and all that is metal, but I hate one dimensional singers. Amazing drum-work and cool cover art, but that won't save this album from being extremely mediocre.

- Craig Harvey

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