Monday, September 15, 2008


Artifacts II 1990-1994

This is a collection of early industrial from the Cracknation label that mainly revolves around the music of Acumen Nation and Dj Accucrack (which consist of the same members.) The main difference is, that this is a much more stripped down, completely electronic version of their music. Devoid of the heavy guitar riffs and the jungle/drum and bass beats which both acts employ so heavily today, this is their start; the bare bones industrial from the early nineties. It's just the essentials; beats, synths, vocals, samples etc... and it sounds dated, no getting around it. But hey, it is dated. From a fan's perspective, I found it somewhat lackluster after hearing what their music has evolved into today. It's not bad, just not overly exciting. However for collector's, it's a nice piece of musical history to have, giving us a brief glimpse into these artist's first creative outpourings.

- Craig Harvey

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