Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sapphire Solace

Self Titled EP

I do so enjoy hearing collaboration projects between established artists. It's always new and interesting when solid acts in the Dark Rock scene begin to share talent and ability in creating new and beautiful projects. In 2007, established Gothic Rock legends Velvet Shadow (of Dream Cypher) and Rick Joyce (from The Last Dance) began a project they titled Sapphire Solace. A romantic blend of Velvet Shadows haunting vocals combined with Joyce's signature dreamy ripping electric guitar sound. The project began when the two met to collaborate on Velvet Shadows five song EP project and from this direct collaboration spawned a new and beautiful project. Already having been featured in multiple Goth magazine compilations, the duo continues to attract attention the world over.

The self-titled EP opens with the gripping dance track "Take a Look Inside". The track opens with a pulse pounding synth beat followed by Joyce's signature evocative guitar rifts. Velvet Shadow's voice flows smooth as mercury, painting a luxurious soundscape for this racing track. "Completely" is an indelibly dysphoric ballad that moves slowly and purposefully. A deeply written and very emotionally blue track, it conjures up memories of unrequited love and loss while plucking your heartstrings with barbed emotional guitar rifts. "Too Late" is a signature traditionally romantic Goth track traipsing in to a more macabre feel. Velvet Shadow's eerie vocals permeates the track with a saccharine sound that bleeds confidence and assurance. "Believe" is an operatic gem combined with inspirational lyrics. A hopeful and encouraging track combined with moving stripped down drum beats and compelling dreamy rifts. "Ugly Form" is much more 'industrial' in its approach. Pounding drum backbeats combined with tenebrous synth rifts creates an angsty and bitter track. "Finally" is a slower trippy new wave ballad with a bleeding edge. Velvet Shadow's moving vocals bleed confidence and closure in this pointed track. Joyce's signature illusory eerie guitar sound gives the track a frightening nightmare edge.

Sapphire Solace's sound is an empiral blend of both respective talents. The duo's beautiful combined writing and musical talents blend and mix seamlessly with each other. Velvet Shadow's lovely vocals are gripping and compelling. Combined with the Joyce's signature guitar and instrumentals, the act creates a glamour dripping Gothic work of art. Currently, the Sapphire Solace EP is only available via the acts official website or distributed via Amazon.com, Napster, Itunes, et al. Their official press release in 2008 has already generated an enormous buzz early on and continues to build steam. Keep posted on this act as it develops because if this is just the beginning opener for the duo, the further recordings given the longstanding experience the duo has in the music industry can only become even more fascinating.


- Dr. Raven

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