Wednesday, February 4, 2009


War Zone Soundtrack

I thought most of the songs on here would be new stuff, but with the exception of Rob Zombie's "War Zone" (which by the way, is the best song he has done in a long time) it was all older material. It's not a total loss however, there are some good tracks lurking on this disc. Slayer - "Final Six", Slipknot-"Psychosocial", Seether - "Fallen", Kerli - "Bulletproof", Justice - "Genesis" and Hatebreed - "Refuse/Resist". Can't say whether the film is any good or not, as I haven't seen it (I was kind of pissed Thomas Jane did not reprise his role, but what can you do?) However the soundtrack is definitely fitting for this type of film.

- Craig Harvey

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