Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Blade Of Triumph
Napalm Records

This Danish power metal outfit brings us tales of magic, epic battles and all manor of fantasy based songs which is the kind of thing I normally enjoy. Ironfire have all the right qualities musically with stunning guitar work, powerful vocals and solid bass and drums. These guys know their stuff and prove it song after song. However the music is not the problem. Unfortunately (and I hate to say this) it's the lyrics. As I said earlier, fantasy themes are very common in metal and I have come to expect that. However, these were just so cliché and unoriginal that I just cringed. Even after a second listen it didn't get any better. I mean, you could write something more original than stories about Camelot and such. This is the bands only downfall. Everything else was fantastic. Still it's hard to overlook something as major as lyrics because they are such an important part of the songs. However, don't give up on these guys just yet. I think they just need some time and perhaps someone to help with the lyrics and they will really have it all together.

Craig Harvey

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