Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Chemical Brothers

We Are The Night

The Chemical Brothers return with their sixth album "We Are The Night" and as you might have guessed, it's another fantastic release from this British duo. Like some of their electronic brethren, (Orbital, Underworld, Crystal Method) the Chemical Brothers have carved their own niche' in the electronic dance scene over the years with their own unique sound and "We Are The Night" continues in that tradition. These guys never play it safe while pushing musical boundries. The album is a plethora of odd quirky sounds and bizarre analogue synth's (that sound as if they are from another dimension) all wrapped up in pulsating beats and samples of voices from the unknown. There are guests galore such as Fat Lip and his contribution to the very humorous "Salmon Dance", Ali Love on the funky "Do It Again" and Midlake on the dreamy sounding "The Pills Won't Help You Now". The Chemical Brothers prove yet again, that electronic music can indeed challenge the ear while pleasing the body.

Craig Harvey

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