Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Napalm Records

What do get when you cross metal guitars, accordians, violins, flutes with songs about drinking and dancing? Humppa metal of course! These finish folk metal guru's are simply outrageous and full of more energy on one song than many bands are on an entire album! The very first song is entitled "Let's Drink" so it's all one big party after that. Korpiklanni crank it up full throttle on just about every track with fast and furious tempos that almost leave you breathless at the end of each song. The frantic vocals of lead singer Jonne sound as if he is just keeping pace with the breakneck speed of the songs but he never falls behind. The interplay of guitars, bass and drums with the more traditional folk instruments is probably the best I have ever heard from any band of this genre. I can picture their live shows with people chanting and singing along, it's got to be a great time. Granted none of the songs are in English but in this case it really doesn't matter because it's all so much fun. So with tongue firmly planted in cheek, Koripiklanni gets my vote for most original album of the year so far.

Craig Harvey

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