Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Secret Meeting

Noiseplus Music

The Secret Meeting is the combined efforts of Karin and Statik of Collide with instrumental help from Dean Garcia formerly of Curve. After listening to this album, I concluded that a more perfect mixture of artist's could not have been more beautifuly matched.The music is very reminicent of both bands (showing the striking similarities they both share) but the music still has its own unique qualities. Karin's voice is seductive, soothing, and at times her voice sounds like Toni Halladay (former vocalist for Curve) almost to the point that I first thought it was Toni singing! The music itself is a union of trip-hop grooves, lush electronic atmospheres, and edgy bursts of distorted guitar. Both Garcia and Statik's compositional genius is a force to be reckoned with on this album. Having lent their talents to such acts as TOOL, Eurythmics, Skinny Puppy and many more, you can only imagine what they have achieved together on "Ultrashiver". This album could have stood as a Collide or Curve release individually in some respects, but the interplay between these very talented artist's has forged something just as beautiful, full of emotion and totally captivating that pay the utmost homage to both bands.

Craig Harvey

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