Friday, October 19, 2007

Acumen Nation

Crack Nation, 2007

Right down to the similar cover designs, Acumen Nation delivers every bit as dark and aggressive an album as its sister album by DJ? Acucrack. Their sound has updated a bit to incorporate perhaps a smidge more Acucrackish programming (there’s definitely a wee bit more d’n’b-type drum patterns than before). Thankfully, the more overtly metal parts that have been making their way in (as opposed to the more rock sound of earlier Acumen releases) have been perfectly integrated for a classic Acumen feel. Overall, the updated ragga jungle/industrial rock fusion manages to rekindle my old fondness for these mainstays. Old fans will be delighted and new fans will see what the fuss is about. Highly recommended; buy this and Acucrack at the same time!

-Adam Naworal

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