Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Mondays

MVD, 2007

Oof, Watching someone destroy their image in public is never pretty. Farrah Fawcett for instance. Shaun Ryder doesn’t fare much better in this ill-advised DVD. Now, before I go any further, let it be said I will NEVER knock Happy Mondays during their heyday. Who doesn’t have fond memories of “Step On”, “Bob’s Yer Uncle”, “Kinky Afro”…….? On the same token, who wants those memories stamped to death? Ryder’s Mr. Magooish appearance in DEMON DAYS LIVE pales in comparison to this display of a once-amazing voice that is far too ravaged from years of every imaginable substance abuse. The formerly sensual “Bob’s Yer Uncle” is remade as a lecherous drunk’s pickup line. Certain tracks fare better (ironically, “Reverend Black Grape” possibly elicits the best performance from Ryder), and the band’s playing is spot on, but Ryder ruins everything. Well, not EVERYTHING. Bez does what Bez does best with aplomb throughout.

-Adam Naworal

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