Friday, October 19, 2007

Shocking Pinks

DFA, 2007

DFA has done it again. Will they ever cease providing us with amazing bands that recall the cream of 80s post-punk in all its guises? New Zealand’s Shocking Pinks is the product of Nick Harte. Nick has obviously done his homework in absorbing Kiwi acts (ESPECIALLY the Flying Nun roster), British shoegazer, and US noise-pop. SHOCKING PINKS (comprised of two previously import-only EPs) glides effortlessly from soft washes of treated guitars, to pastoral dreamscapes that remind one of Slowdive, all the way to a conga-heavy dance-punk number that recalls prime Liquid Liquid. With a few exceptions, this is a mostly downbeat and somewhat fuzzy affair, bound to appeal to the same folks who love My Bloody Valentine and Ride more than labelmates such as LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip (but perhaps appealing to the same set as Prinzhorn Dance School, another of DFA’s less dance-oriented acts). That having been said, Shocking Pinks are an extremely talented group that deserve a special place in any shoegazer/post-punk collection.

-Adam Naworal

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