Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lamb Of God

Walk With Me In Hell DVD

Lamb Of God have been a rising force as one of the new breed of metal bands from the US. Their latest album "Sacrament" did extremely well and the band toured all over the globe in support of it. "Walk With Me In Hell" is a two DVD set documenting all the triumphs, tribulations and wacky chaos of life on the road for a metal band. There are snippets of live concert footage on the first disc between all the commentary from the band, fan footage, etc.... The second disc has a making of "Sacrament" a live concert from the Download festival in Scotland (which has to be seen to be believed) and various other goodies. These guys have no shortage of finding things to do when boredom sets in. Witness the "Tiger Mask" punching session, learning to use a whip (painfully, I might add), using a machete for cleaning one's toenails (thus involving a trip to the ER) and oh yes, lots and lots of alcohol. Regardless of all this insane behavior, the band is unstoppable live, drawing massive crowds at every show (I wouldn't want to follow playing after them) and their fans are legion all over the world. This a must have for fans of Lamb Of God as it's truly dedicated to them, because they have helped make the band what it is today.

- Craig Harvey

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