Saturday, July 12, 2008

Silent Hill

Break Me To Pieces
Yo Yo Israel

Ok, first off; this album is not, I repeat, not related to the Silent Hill game or movie franchise in any way, shape or form. (However, by the cover art you would think otherwise). I have no idea how they managed to obtain the rights to name their band Silent Hill, but somehow this Israeli duo has done just that. So, what's in the box (musically that is)? Well, Silent Hill are a mix of electronic trance, guitars/bass and vocals. As far as the guitar and bass, well it's really hard to hear it in the mix. When you can make it out, it's really processed to sound more like keyboards anyway. To be honest, I didn't find anything overly special with this release. It's just trance. It's not bad trance, but I have heard other artist's in this genre do much more interesting things with this style of music. Kudo's go to the art and the packaging which were excellent, but the music rates pretty average.

- Craig Harvey

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