Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Napalm Records

"Land" is the sixth release from these Nordic metal warriors who proudly hail the old ways, defiling those who would deny them their heritage. The cover art depicts a Viking ship coming to rest in calm waters, while village fires burn along the coast (of which we do not know) and this visual representation gives a perfect idea to the listener of what awaits inside. (However, if you are already familiar with Tyr it's just icing on the cake). The vocals are a mix of the traditional Nordic and English with a very anthemic and uplifting style. Speaking of the vocals, no screaming or death styles here, just great singing and powerful harmonies. The songs are catchy, but not overly fast, having just the right tempo that grabs hold and instills you with the band's proud vision. The guitar riffs were outstanding and there was some impressive lead work as well. The traditional melodies are prominent but are void of any type of folk instrumentation. This is pure metal regardless of the lyrical and historical elements. Tyr truly takes us back to a more simple time when survival, adventure, and the will to conquer and endure were all that mattered.

- Craig Harvey

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