Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Turning Season Within
Napalm Records

The latest opus from gothic/doom masters Draconian, is a tour de-force that is sure to please fans of this genre of metal. The production is fantastic (due to the fact that it was recorded at Fascination Street Studios who did the last two Opeth albums) the musicianship is flawless as always and Lisa Johannson's voice is simply beautiful. Combined with Anders Jacobsson's growling and spoken word passages, it produces a chilling emotional interplay of love, tragedy and pain. The downtuned guitars produce massive riffs that draw you down into the churning abyss that only intensifies the lyrical content. Only a handful of bands come close to perfecting this style of music and Draconian definitely qualify as one of those few. A must have for doom metal lovers.

- Craig Harvey

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