Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stuck Mojo

Southern Born Killers
Napalm Records

Rap metal is usually a genre I tend to avoid, mainly because of my dislike of most rap music. However, Stuck Mojo managed to change my mind after to listening to their latest effort "Southern Born Killers". Their frontman can rap and sing (quite well actually) proving he has some actual talent. His rap style sounded very similar to Chuck D of Public Enemy and I have to give him credit, it really has a commanding presence. The guitars are thick, powerful and simply slay the groove! There is some great lead work as well, which I always approve of on my metal menu. Lyrically, it's very pro American with an anti-Islam slant (no problem there). However, I think anti-terrorist is more accurate, but those two go hand in hand. Anyway, I gotta recommend this to all who (like me) usually bypass this type of metal without giving it a second thought. If your already a fan then you won't be disappointed.

- Craig Harvey

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