Friday, March 28, 2008

Star Of Ash

The Thread
Candlelight Records

Being on the Candlelight label, many might think that Star Of Ash would be a metal release. Quite the opposite. "The Thread" is a foray into dark electronics and ambient/down-tempo soundscapes, with guitar, bass, and piano providing extra sonic and melodic textures. There are bursts of static beats and noisy experimental sounds that blend in seamlessly along side the other instruments, conjuring up images of futuristic realms unknown. The entire album has a wonderful soundtrack quality that let's your imagination run wild with possibilities. The musical atmosphere that is envoked is multi-layered requring many listens just to absorb it. So who, you might ask, is behind this incredible release? Heidi Solberg Tveitan. Not familar? You may know her by her other name, Ihriel from the metal band Peccatum. Wife of Ishan (of Peccatum and Emperor). I bet many of you are going "Ohhhh... ok! Well I need to check this out then." Yes you do. It's that good. She also worked with German composer Marcus Reuter and the Japanese cyber-punk author Kenji Siratori on this release as well. Being a fan of metal and electronic music, I was instantly hooked from the very first track. "The Thread" comes recommeded for anyone who likes great music with depth and imagination.

- Craig Harvey

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