Monday, March 17, 2008


The Acrobats
TSC Records

Anytime I hear a band described as "lo-fi" I tend to cringe a little. My first impression is a bunch of guys who aren't very good musicians and record using crap gear because it's "hip and sounds cool". Well Helve'tia certainly doesn't sound like that. "The Acrobats" has a dreamy, mellow feel throughout with jazzy progressions, cool effects and solid bass lines that really drive the songs. It takes me back to the late eighties, early nineties when alternative rock was just that; an alternative to what was mainstream. The guitars run through a variety of tones and textures along side some pedal steel and organ thrown in for good measure. The vocals have a laid back feel to them, never getting loud or over the top. This is definitely for those looking for the true "indie" bands still out there. Good stuff.

- Craig Harvey

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