Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sigur Ros - Heima dvd

"Heima" is a film by Icelandic pioneers Sigur Ros. I personally was extremely excited for it's release and was not at all let down by it's undeniable beauty. The film is a journey with the band as they play a variety of unannounced shows throughout their homeland of Iceland. They filmed the tour immediately following what seems to be ages of non-stop World tours. The performances vary from very small, acoustic renditions of their songs in locations like gyms, local clubhouses, and fields to full-blown out door amphitheater experiences. "Heima" translates to "at home" and in this visually stimulating piece the band (accompanied by Amiina) takes the viewer through the country and educates them on some parts of Iceland and touches base on the humanities of the area along with some brief history. The films visual quality is remarkable; Super high-definition and vibrant colors capture you as the music moves you. "Heima" has absolutely changed what a music dvd really is and has moved audiences worldwide. The dvd is now available online as well as in many music/book stores.

- Brandon Highfill

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