Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Runnin' Wild
Roadrunner Records

This hard rockin' band from the land down under have made their way to American shores to show everyone that great rock and roll is alive and kickin'! Right from the first track you can feel the adrenaline pumping as these guys give it everything they've got. This is one of the first really "true" rock bands I have heard in a loooonnnnggg time that made me stand up and take notice. Of course (and everyone is saying it) that the comparisons to another Aussie band are absolutely undeniable. It's obvious, but what better band to draw your influence from than the legendary AC/DC. Airbourne have captured that great vibe and taken it a bit further. They are definitely not a clone, more of an evolution of the sound they (AC/DC) pioneered. It's a back to basics, meat and potatoes rock and roll. Loud guitars roaring through a turned up Marshall amp. Solid, in your face drums and bass holding the back beat and songs about women, booze, and partying round it all out. It's about as honest and raw as you can get. This is one hell of a debut album that kicks some serious ass!

- Craig Harvey

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