Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Run Level Zero

Arctic Noise
Artoffact Records

On their fifth release, Sweden's Run Level Zero come through yet again with another menacing disc of dark electro/industrial. One thing I liked about this album, the vocals are processed but very discernable. Not so over distorted that I can't make out anything at all concerning the lyrics. The beats and basslines just captures you with a killer groove that is set at that perfect speed that just flows, pushing adrenaline, filling every fiber of your body and pulling you into it's maelstrom. Yeah, I am really digging this and I don't even dance! It's not all standard 4/4 rhythms that so many electro acts stick to like a ebm playbook either. There are lots of cool fills and noises that abound on this disc and the synths have that dark futuristic edge I just love. I was starting to give up on some of the electro acts as of late because nothing has grabbed me. Well, Run Level Zero didn't just grab me, they shook me up and spit me back out. This album just demands to heard and I am going to spread the word. Fucking brilliant!

- Craig Harvey

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