Monday, April 28, 2008

Anthem In

Self Titled
Quiet/Loud Records

Anthem In's self titled debut release is one of those albums you can't help but fall instantly in love with. Every song

is a potential hit (not that the band wrote this for mass radio consumption) with a musical formula that is deliciously infectious. I guess you would classify them as an "indie" band, but regardless of where they fit in a category, it's just damn good music.

The vocals are soft, soothing and hypnotic. The guitar work is filled with clean to semi-distorted rhythms and superbly crafted single-note lines that carry the songs. The bass is fluid with a solid driving force that along with the catchy drum work make the songs excellent dance-floor fare. There are also some cool keyboard sounds floating within that help make each track more atmospheric without being overpowering. It's very upbeat most of the time, but somber in a lot of places with well thought out lyrics that really grab you emotionally. This five piece has simply outdone themselves with an outstanding piece of work. You will keep this rotating in your Cd/Mp3 player for a long time, I promise.

- Craig Harvey

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