Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Midnight Syndicate

The Rage Soundtrack
Entity Productions

I fell in love with Midnight Syndicate several years ago and have continued to enjoy their nightmarish musical visions ever since. I kept saying that these talented lads would be naturals at movie soundtracks and I was absolutely correct. On their second film score "The Rage," Midnight Syndicate has conjured up a terrifying score that will have you hanging onto the edge of your seat, even in it's most subtle moments. All the releases that they have done before have been leading up to an album like this. I can hear an evolution in their music, but it has all the nuances that make up their unique sound. Edward and Gavin have become extremely efficient at building tension and dread in their music and it pays off here in spades.

The film itself centers around a jaded scientist who creates a bio-agent (Rage) that can turn it's victims into mutant cannibalistic monstrosities. He plans to unleash this devastating plague on society, but his plans backfire, when some of his creations escape only to die and be eaten by vultures who become infected as well. As you can imagine, the situation only becomes much, much worse. The film is gore soaked and sports a cast of familiar faces from some well known horror films of the past. Granted the plot appears to have similarities between this and the film 28 days later, but only to a small degree. I have yet to see it, but I definitely plan to, as I want to hear and see how Midnight Syndicates incredible score pairs up with the visuals on this film.

- Craig Harvey

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