Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Cavalera Conspiracy

Roadrunner Records

Max and Igor Cavalera. Two brothers who pioneered the legendary thrash band Sepultura, have reunited once again to make metal history in the form of The Cavalera Conspiracy. Twelve long years have passed since the two brothers have made music together, but this album more than makes up for the wait. "Inflikted" is a crushing, violent masterpiece that will have fans headbanging in gleeful ecstacy. Max's guttural vocals spit forth venom and pure rage all while laying down his trademark guitar riffs. He is joined on lead guitar (from his band Soulfly) by Marc Rizzo, whose amazing fretboard acrobatics spiral chaotic lines of intensity across Max's rhythm guitar work. Bass duties come from Joe Duplantier of Gojira (another fantastic band) who along with Igor's amazing skin pounding skills round out one of the best new metal acts of this year. From beginning to end this album is a lesson in shear brutality. No soft spots or tender moments here, just full force and in your face the entire time. Don't compare this to anything that has come before, just be amazed. This is the real fucking deal.

- Craig Harvey

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