Friday, February 13, 2009


Today We Are All Demons

I really hate to say anything negative about this album because Andy LePlegua is such a nice guy and he creates some great music. Unfortunately, Combichrist has become stagnant and repetitive as of late. I can't really see much change from the last album, the one before that and this latest effort. It's the same formula, same sounds, same beats, etc…. It's not bad, but I heard this three albums ago, and it hasn't evolved much at all. The first Combichrist EP, "Kiss The Blade" was really cool, because it was more powernoise, which then changed and morphed into a crossover of that style with danceable industrial on "Everybody Hates You." It was aggressive, heavy, and it really kicked ass. So what happened? Beat's me. I guess like many artists, you find a sound that works and take it as far as it will go. This is a novel idea, but if you don't change somewhat with each release, it becomes boring and un-interesting and that's the case here. I really hope Andy decides to give us something unique and different next time around, or you'll hear me vent the same disappointment as now on the next review.

- Craig Harvey

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