Thursday, February 19, 2009



Lethargy are a band of many sonic layers that together produce a hard rock/metal sound that is heavy, melodic, and massively infectious. This young foursome from the UK sound like a band twice their age, but don't let their youth fool you; these guys are the real deal. Pulling from early classic rock, stoner/doom, and more modern prog/thrash metal, they twist all these influences into a massive wall of sound that will catch you from the first song till the last. "Purification" has some of the thickest, tightest guitar riffs and catchy wah-drenched solo's, that sound effortless and flawless. And oh, does this band groove like nobody's business. Phil Humphery delivers a soulful, powerful vocal performance (not to mention his phenomenal guitar work) that is well complimented by co-guitarist Andy Hunt, who along with bassist Marc Jones supply backup vocals. Drummer Gaz Hunt does what drummers do best and that's pound the living hell out of his kit, providing this band with a fucking solid, brick wall foundation. Don't try to classify these guys as they've thrown in everything but the kitchen sink into their musical brew. Just enjoy the hell out of it. I promise you will.

- Craig Harvey

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