Wednesday, February 4, 2009


At The Edge Of The World
Driven Music

For some reason, my gut instinct told me I was not going to like this album (or at the very least, I would think it just average and nothing overly special.) So much for my gut instinct. I was way off base. I had been familiar with Godhead by name only. Never really listened to them, just heard they were a metal/industrial act that had been around for several years. So I figured they had that "sound." You know, the one every other band of the same genre had; screaming vocals, heavy riffs, and some backing key's and noises to give them the "industrial" tag. Well they do have heavy riffs for sure, but the vocals are amazing. Frontman (and guitarist) Jason C. Miller has an outstanding set of pipes, which occasionally reminded me of Geoff Tate of Queensryche in certain parts. Between him and guitarist Mike Miller, (not related) they weave a powerful, yet very melodic set of 13 tracks, that are solid and well written. Bassist/Keyboardist Ulrich Hepperlin along with drummer Ty Smith provide a massive wall of rythym to keep things in place. Interestingly enough, Ty Smith is Godhead's sixth drummer, which make it seem as though they have been through more drummers than Spinal Tap! There are also five bonus remix tracks (including one from Curse Mackey) which makes a total of 18 songs altogether. More bang for your buck I always say. I was glad to be proven wrong this time, and found myself more than ready to go back and check into Godhead's previous work's. "At The Edge Of The World" is an album you should do yourself a favor and pick up. You won't be disappointed.

- Craig Harvey

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