Monday, January 21, 2008


Captain Morgans Revenge
Napalm Records

Metal has been categorized into every genre and sub genre you can think of. There's death metal, doom metal, black metal, power metal, hair metal, thrash metal etc, etc.... Now another brand new genre of metal has arrived. Pirate metal. Yes you heard me correctly, Pirate metal. From Scotland no doubt. I almost started laughing when I saw the cover of a skeletal Captain Morgan, Sword raised on the deck of his ship in a storm. However, as we have all been told, never judge a book (or Cd) buy it's cover. Alestorm plays with serious conviction. The musicianship is excellent and the tales of pirates, curses and legends of the seven seas will have you headbanging in no time. I mean, black metal bands talk about satan almost every album, death and gore metal bands write about murder and horror and so forth. So why not about pirates? At least it's something other than what we normally hear. If your looking for a new metal experience, Alestrom is definitely the band to check out. Buy this cd or walk the plank!

- Craig Harvey

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